• Origin&Story
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  • Design&Aesthetic

Origin & Story

Based On A True Story started as an experimental project, with a goal of paying homage to the influences that shaped the inner city youth experience in London - from hiphop & grime to Japanese cartoons and streetwear. The concept was simple: Capture the origin stories of the most culturally iconic people or events in a never-seen-before way. The first version of this was a custom presentation for renowned rapper Giggs - a custom comic, animation, jacket (with the comic print in the lining), to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of his debut album, Walk in the Park.

His come up story is one shared with so many from the culture. You felt like the underdog starting from the bottom. And if you were motivated to make it out, you travelled that journey alone. So you fight your fight. You firm the struggle. You take the L’s as they come.  But then you come back harder. You Win. From here on in, its winner stays on.  But you also know there’s more work to do, because the journey is a constant work in progress.

Concept & Product

The Visual Representation of the Come Up Journey.
Most stories usually have two sides; the version that shows the wins that people see and will embrace, and the version of where it all started. Based On A True Story aims to tell both points of view, using our interpretation of the varsity jacket. The patches represent the accolades we receive, and the illustrated lining tells the origin story that most people don’t see. Our first silhouette, the "Origin 1", is now available for made to order, allowing you to customise the trims and lining to tell your own story.

A ready-to-wear version collection featuring the jacket, and some classic streetwear staples will be available in January 2020.

Design & Aesthetic

Reinterpreting the inner city experience is at the core of our design story. That means referencing the staples of UK streetwear, which for most, was their first uniform. It had, and still has a focus on comfort and function; perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. Our design goal is to build on those fundamentals, but refine the look for the man whose taste has grown up, but still has the same focused mindset and mission. 

Various influences from our 90’s childhood are also woven into the design DNA.

The varsity styling is a nod to the jackets we wore growing up.

The soundtrack of hiphop & grime perfectly represents the hustlers' mindset embedded in the brand.

The illustrations in the jacket lining is a reference to animé and comics.

We blend these into what we like to call Refined Streetwear.